Where is my city?

The Midwest has so little.

I can't wait to fly.

And school is started.  So much work!  I was sad, but I didn't try out for the Spanish play.  It would just be too much, I think.  :(  This grad class is keeping me on my toes, for sure.

But there's still time to kill on weekends.  And it's a total bummer that there isn't much to do around here.  I miss all the crazy stuff that happened in and around San Francisco all the time.  There isn't really an audience for it here, though.  I talked to Kam about a thing Evan had mentioned to me: a rave in the forest called "Dance of the Primes."  His comment?  "You know, Val, if we had a 'Dance of the Primes,' nine people would show up and six of them would be wearing capes."

It's true.

I want to get something like that started for Btown, though.  Just, you know, anything really cool.  The dance party last year ("People are Still Having Sex") was a lot of fun; I hope that it happens again in the not-too-distant future.  I think our first comedy club is opening sometime soon.

The career fair was yesterday.  It's amazing the looks you can get from people if you dress sharp.  I walked around with my friend Stuart (or maybe Stewart, I don't actually know), who was in a nice suit with a tie and all, and I was wearing my suit, and we got pulled over by the NSA and some other people.  It was exciting.  I actually got an email today from Microsoft offering an interview.  I wonder if I'll do it?  I mean, it can't hurt to practice technical interviews, eh?  Plus that's kind of cool.

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