b words

Boys, boats, badminton,
Bread, breath, breadth, bacchanalia,
Breezy, bold, BAM!

Bad, I know.  But I feel like I've been exposed to bushels of b words lately.  Let's explain some!

Boys - Why can't I make girlfriends?  I guess it's probably because I'd much rather get filthy in a cave than get dolled up and go out for yogurt (cue Teen Girl Squad voice: Let's go get yogurt!).  Anyway, I've been meeting lots of guys and being presented with interesting opportunities--caving, stargazing, dance parties, live music shows, bike rides, and boat-building.  Which brings me to

Boats - Today was the Cardboard Boat Regatta, which I'd never heard of previously.  I guess it's to raise money for Leadership Scholarships or something, but I was excited to help the physics club build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape.  Then they raced it through a swimming pool.  lulz.

Badminton - How do you say this?  I say "bad.mitt.en".  I guess some people really pronounce it "bad.min.ton".  Hm.  News to me.

Bread - I baked!  It was pie, actually, that I baked (asian pear and pawpaw), but the crust was bready?  I think that counts.

Breath - I waited with bated breath to see if we would actually find another member for the Cluster Challenge team (we were having some difficulties because of technicalities associated with Andrew's graduating and annoyances due to Greg's nonpresence), but today we finally cemented Chris Beckley as the final member.  Woot!  It's like a (much) more complicated Goofy Giggles, haha.

Breadth - I'm glad that my education has spanned a lot of different areas.  I'm made more glad of this as I branch out and befriend people with majors vastly different from my own.  If I couldn't hold my own in a conversation about astronomy, what good would I be?

Bacchanalia - HAHA.  So at the career fair, Microsoft gave out ping pong balls with their logo on them.  So what do the CS students immediately do?  Play beer pong.  Oh, you sorry people.

Breezy - Have you noticed it's getting chillier?  I'm really thrilled about the advent of fall.  This humid summer garbage just ain't right.  It was nicer in California.  :o

Bold - It's unfortunate that not many people are bold any longer.  We seem to hide behind our little keyboards instead of owning up and interacting face-to-face like real people ought to.  I was reminded of this fact today at the regatta when a real, live guy actually came up and hit on me.  Crazy, I know.  And he even said he doesn't have Facebook!  Le gasp!

BAM! - I pretty much just like this word.  There's no sense leaving it out of a set of b words.  ;)

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