Quick though I may be
To pass this judgement, I fear
This semester's load.

I haven't had a hard semester yet in college.  I feel like it's an integral part of the experience, but I haven't done it yet.  I scheduled this one to totally kick my butt, but if my first class (S311) is any indication, it'll be just like all the other semesters.  The real sad part is that I have so many evening classes.  I'd like to enjoy my ridiculous freedom.

But yeah, this S311 course.  It's Honors Calculus III, which I think I recall expressing concern over in a previous posting.  I haven't done calculus in a long time.  But I feel like the professor is pretty much going to do a lot of hand-holding for this course.  And we're only going through, like, 3.5 chapters in the book.  Behhh.  Not to mention that she's... well... plain.  She seems nice enough, but I'm having a hard time imagining myself getting fired up about things in her class.

I think this will be a good semester for math-y things, though.  I'm super excited about the Putnam, especially after solving two problems off an old test on my own.  Well, not entirely on my own, I guess.  Daniel was there, but I did... er... most of the solving.  Anyhow, I also finally finished reading that book that Evan gave me (A Mathematical Mosaic), and I feel like I took a fair amount away from it.  So that's good.  And I just felt like I was in the zone as I read out of the calc book for next week's assignment.

In other news, now that my MARATHON TRAINING has started, I'm getting pumped about running.  Georgia and I are going through a program she found together, which I'm thrilled about.  I ran 5 miles yesterday, and close to 4 the day before.... woot!

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