It's never too soon
To get knocked flat on your ass,
And that's what happened.

As concerned as I was on Wednesday about not having enough work to do this semester, I am now equally as concerned in the other direction.  Well, I was yesterday.  I've chilled out a little since then.  But B490 (the grad design patterns class) is going to be FIERCE.  I'm really excited about it, and the prof is convinced that I'll do well... but it's going to be epic.  Our first assignment is to write a game for Monday.  Keep in mind that that was an assignment that spanned an entire semester for me in the Spring.  :s

My other classes seem okay.  Tae Kwon Do is going to be odd... I mean, we have to write a paper?  What?  So I'm going to sign up for taking that pass/fail.  It's a frickin HPER class.  Not worth the effort of writing a paper.  The Putnam course will be challenging, though not nearly so time-consuming as design patterns.  My algorithms class will be interesting, but easy.  My prof for modern algebra was in Canada during our first classtime, so I haven't actually experienced that yet.

Other things this semester!  I signed up for a couple of caving trips with the IU Caving Club.  Super!  And this Saturday Jeff and I are going to try our hands (and arms, and legs, and feet, and ankles, and skillz) at a parkour meet.  Hmm!  I can't wait!

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