blondes have more fun

I'm back to brunette,
And it may just be that blondes
Have more fun than me.

Yes, I know that "me" should be an "I," but that sort of throws off the rhyming thing that I was attempting to do there.

Anyway, now I'm a brunette again.  I think the colour that I chose is a little ashier than my natural one, so it may look silly when it grows out, anyway.  But whatever.  It's actually been kinda funny to see what people think of this new/old hairdo.  A lot of people never saw me with short brown hair since I dyed it practically the day after I got it cut.  Now a lot of people are barely noticing a change; I guess the blonde combined with the short was a shock, and this is just business as usual?  Who knows.

But on the topic of blondes having more fun... it might be true.  At least, it was for me.  ;)  I mean, c'mon, I spent two weeks in Tokyo, flew to Canada over a weekend, saved a girl from a falling rock in a cave, took my roommate to the emergency room for a broken patella, started capoeira classes... since I've gone back to brunette, what have I done?  Well, not a lot.  Hrm.

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