Again, that feeling,
What's done is done, can't go back,
Memories remain.

Happy new year!

So I don't know how I could begin to talk about how fabulous the trip to Tokyo was.  I'll perhaps make a longer post about it later when I have my journal at hand and can properly recall all the crazinesses.  But I don't know if it can be done.  There are the pictures on picasa, and I've got a head and journal full of swirling thoughts, but trying to write it in a coherent way might not happen.

Anyway, the semester has started off pretty well.  I've now been to almost all of my classes at least once, and they seem like they'll be ok.  :)  I'm a lot more excited about S312 than I was about S311, Hofstadter's course is going to be, predictably, awesome, algebra should be good, robotics sounds ridiculously cool, and I find myself dreading the Scheme class less than I expected.  I can't wait to go to capoeira on Friday.  :3

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