winding down

No homework, more fun!
'Cept there's neither snow nor sun.
Oh, Indiana.

What the hell is this winter thing here, anyway?  I've been living here for... what... wow, like, 12 years or something ridiculous, but anyway I still don't know what exactly the harbingers of winter are here.  Sometimes it's snow.  It snowed over the weekend (while I was fantastically ill), but it's all melted now.  This week it's been sort of... grey and rainy.  Ick.  Thanks, December.

I'm happy to be much better now, though.  I can do things like... breathe.  And... eat.  I was super excited yesterday night, actually; I was famished for the first time since I got sick.  Apparently mono kills your appetite?  But mine is back WITH A VENGEANCE.

I'm also happy to be done with all my homework for the term.  All that's left now is a couple exams and a little presentation.  WOOT.  ^_____^

And then.... Japan!

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